Bleeding Edge Music: New Interpol sounds amazing….


Spinner has a flash link on their page of the new Interpol track The Heinrich Maneuver”. Do yourself a favor – go to this link here and listen – then check out the live video below (and don’t cheat and watch the video first!)

As a huge Interpol fan; having seen them at an exclusive 500 Club performance at the Triple Door, as well as their Seattle show at the Paramount last year, all I can say is Wow about this latest song. If the other tracks on their upcoming album (“Our Love to Admire”) sound anything like their first single; this will easily be a contender for Album of the Year. Big new Major label release on Capitol. Here is the new tracklist (Release date: July 10th)

‘Pioneer to the Falls’
‘No I in Threesome’
‘The Scale’
‘The Heinrich Maneuver’
‘Pace Is the Trick’
‘All Fired Up’
‘Rest My Chemistry’
‘Who Do You Think’
‘Wrecking Ball’
‘The Lighthouse’

Big ups to one of my Top 15’s Stereogum for breaking all the great info!

*Their only Seattle date is 5/27 at Sasquatch

Need a reason to drive out to the Gorge this year? Check out this video…


~ by clickdagger on May 6, 2007.

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