Farmers Market Playlist


Photo of the Bellingham Farmers Market

This weekend was a great time to go check out the Bellingham Farmers Market and enjoy some nice weather. The food and shopping were great; but the live music was horrendous. (another cover of “Smoke on the Water” anyone?) I always try to burn a quick plalist before my adventures up North – Here is the one I came up with for this weekend:

1. “North American Scum” – LCD SOUNDSYSTEM

2. “Slackerbitch” – PLACEBO

3. “In Transit” – ALBERT HAMMOND JR.

4. “Suspicious Eyes” – RAKES

5. “Venus in Cancer” – AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE

6. “Slow Down” – BLUR

7. “Tell me in the Morning” – COLD WAR KIDS

8. “Am I Wry? No” – MEW

9. “Blinded by the Lights” – THE STREETS

10. “Don’t Save us From the Flames” – M83

11. “Up Against the Wall” – PETER BJORN & JOHN

12. “Lightbulb” – MEZZANINE OWLS

13. “Loser Crew” PABLO

14. “It’s Not Over Yet” KLAXONS

15. “Don’t Bother Me” THE BLAKES

16. “Slide Away” THE VERVE


~ by clickdagger on May 13, 2007.

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