New Smashing Pumpkins: Tarantula


Thanks to Aldo Rosales for the bad ass Spider pix 

As a hug Smashing Pumpkins fan, I’d have to say I’m pleasantly suprised by the new track (Due for release: May 22nd). Forum reviews were mixed; some people saying it sounded too “major label” (whatever that means…), but for me it’s got the classic Billy Corgan vocals and heavy rock sound – I think it will do very well. I didn’t read anything before listening to it and found myself listening to the track in it’s entirity. I definitely liked the new sound. Every band has to evolve, so don’t expect it to sound exactly like Gish; but the music is all Smashing Pumpkins, true fans will enjoy it. I also read about the Artist who did their new cover art – Shepard Fairey. Basically, the cover is all red, with an image of the Statue of Liberty drowning with a rising/falling sun in the background. His stuff is pretty cool and the Pumpkins are definitely making a Political statement with this cover.  Read about that overe here.

First Interpol, now this. Spinner does it again – check out the new track: HERE


~ by clickdagger on May 20, 2007.

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