Some Wiki advice I wouldn’t suggest…

Thought this was pretty humorous article from WikiHow on: How to Survive a Mosh Pit

I consider myself a Hardcore/Punk show veteran; and although I like their “weather” reference; I definitely would not suggest this advice:

“Find safety in the “eye of the storm”. If you are in a pit that is too intense and you are feeling fatigued, there is safety in the center. Just like a spinning bicycle wheel or a record, the tangential velocity is smaller closer to the center.”

Um, No……


~ by clickdagger on May 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some Wiki advice I wouldn’t suggest…”

  1. Отлично Если конечно кому то интересно то неплохо б фотографий или иллюстраций побольше. Чего вы стесняетесь ребята, вас читают!

  2. Говорят что в Ельцу бобы по яйцу

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