More Mohawk Residency and KEXP

KEXP has a great connection with the Mohawk Residency in Austin and that’s a great pair. The more I read about that place, the more I like it. Seems like they are hyping a couple new Austin bands and this latest headliner: Low Line Caller have a great sound to them. Self-described as New Wave/Ambient, they almost sound pop/shoegaze to me; but they definitely had a familiar dreamy sound I connected with. They deserve a quick listen for sure.

I spent a great last Friday (early!) morning working the phones at KEXP for their Annual Summer Pledge Drive. I have to say it felt good to be down there again helping out such a great cause. I try to always work that last Friday morning shift for the action (they call us the masochist crew). If you aren’t a member yet or even know what I’m talking about – time to get onboard. What KEXP does is so unique in this day and age, it would be a shame to ever lose that. I give money when I can , and volunteer my time when I can. It all helps support a great cause.


~ by clickdagger on June 10, 2007.

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