Mega New Music Update

O.K. – To my defense, sometimes my good intentions get in the way of my actual day job and the “career” I hold down Mon – Fri. Long story short – our Boss quit, so did another one, yada yada yada it’s been a lot to digest. There’s simply too much good music right now to pass along.

It’s been a great time to actually sit down and focus on some new music too. I’m one of these types that can plug in my IPOD and really get a lot of work done. It personally helps me relax when I know I have tight deadlines or a difficult project and I don’t want a lot of distractions. I can also fall asleep to Slayer, so go figure…

Two Discs this year that really took me by suprise were actually both recommendations from Sonic Boom Records on Capitol Hill, and both are getting heavy rotation in my car, at home, and at work. These have both been excellent “work” CD’s…..

Apparat “Walls”


O.K., definitely not something I would normally listen to. I walked in and heard this and immediately had to buy it. Had a real My Bloody Valentine sound and feel to it, but a little more diversity in the song selection. Some of the songs are very electronic-based, others sound like pop hits you’d hear at any hot dance club. If you want a true measure of what they’re capable of, try listening to “Headup” as the 1st song and you’ll get a real taste of this “band”. I love the mix of real drums with the layered electronic sounds, very reminisent of another band I love – M83. Play more songs like #11 – seriously, I’ll buy that shit up. Definitely give this one a listen.

Miracle Fortress “Five Roses”


Another amazing CD – what an amazing soundtrack to the Summer. This is a CD that will take you away somewhere when you listen to it. A cross of Polyphonic SPree and the Beach Boys? Whatever that is supposed to mean – this is a dificult CD to describe, even tougher to label. Listen to “Maybe Lately” for a good taste. On a side note, just heard that song on a commercial for Recycling or keeping the Earth Green or something. Who else knows what that song is now? You do my friend……Enjoy.


~ by clickdagger on July 18, 2007.

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