PELA = Holy Shit!


Photo Courtesy of KEXP Live

O.K. I don’t usually rave about a band like PELA (not sure what that even means…), but on Saturday at the KEXP BBQ – I may have witnessed one of the best Rock Shows I’ve ever seen; and that’s saying a lot. No, I don’t usually swoon over a bunch of dudes, but man did these guys have it going on. The look, the sound, it was all there – whoever did the sound board and set-up for these guys on Saturday should get a fucking medal. Even though they paint their own comparisons to Bruce Springsteen and good old fashioned American Rock & Roll, it felt like I was watching those old bands come to life right in front of me. Their new album is amazing in it’s own right [If you haven’t picked up a copy of their new album “Anytown Graffiti” – go buy it right now!). I still can’t believe how blown away I was with a set I was already expecting to be good. It’s not often a band puts that much heart into a show – there could have been 5 people at that BBQ and they still would have played a hell of a show. What is it with Seattle and our love affair with New York bands?

If you need any more proof that their set was something special – go check out what they had to say on their own tour blog here. That just put those guys in another league for me. Put me down for the Mailing List, Fan Club, Unsolicited Emails, my first-born; whatever – just bring me with you when you blow-up.


~ by clickdagger on August 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “PELA = Holy Shit!”

  1. Can you wait for CMJ?

  2. […] there have been some great performances, but it’s hard not to single out Pela’s epic performance from last year. Hell, even they got emotional after that one! It’s those performances from […]

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