Jamie T and JITMAN= A lot of J, T, M, and A’s


Can you believe it’s already October? Lots of good music in the fall. Rainy weather – but great music. Speaking of great things – jut attended another stellar year of KEXP’s: John in the Morning at Night series – this year at Crocodile Cafe. Let me tell you the line-up was plain R I D I C U L O U S!

Not 1, but 2 U.K. Mercury Award nominees: Maps and Jamie T as well as Brooklyn -Based “band of the moment” Vampire Weekend – all of which gave inspirational sets after local bands Das Llams and Joy Wants Eternity broadcast live on KEXP’s local show: Audioasis. Even though Vampire Weekend really impressed me – Jamie T and his band (The Pacemakers) stole the show hands down.


Photo courtesy of KEXPlive

I had been listening to most of the bands prior to the show, but Jamie T stuck with me for a while. And while I don’t like every song on their new CD (Panic Prevention), I knew there were some songs that would translate well “live” and I had already heard good things from their big show at Reading Fest. Jamie T came off as a brash UK smart-ass and then dazzled everyone with an amazing performance – easily one of the best I’ve seen all year. The band climbs on-stage glassy eyed and hald-drunken and just when you think you know the direction this is all heading; Jamie T jumps into the crowd and performs the entire first song on the floor. The band was a motley crew of looks and personalities, but one of the tightest bands I’ve heard – and that’s saying something considering the amount of starting/stopping and tempo changes the band makes. I loved the Ska/Punk sound with the UK-Rap lyrics thrown over the top. Extra points for the Bass player wearing the Bad Brains T-Shirt. Their set came to a rousing finish when they threw out free mix cassette’s to the crowd on their last song.

Americans – always suckers for free stuff…


~ by clickdagger on October 1, 2007.

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