The Pomegranates


KEXP is already of course all over these guys of course, but as soon as I heard them on John Richards Morning Show earlier this week I instantly fell in love with this band.  I believe the song was – Osidius the Emphatic. A real familiar sound, but who gives a shit. I love the changes in pace:, mellow, poppy, it’s wonderful. Cincinnatti though? That totally blew me away. Just goes to show good music has no boundaries. Erik at Lujo Records was kind enough to fill me in on some of his labels Seattle roots – and in turn I got to discover more about his kick ass roster of bands and our shared love for KEXP. He assures me a trip for The Pomegranates is imminent…. In the meantime, you need to rock on these 3 hot tracks on their Myspace page here: POMEGRANATES

Random ramble regarding State of the Music Industry:

And speaking of Myspace pages and such…..WTF with the current state of the industry? I say blow the whole thing up, kill the RIAA, finally rid ourselves of all DRM (yes, including watermarking!) and start selling MUSIC instead of plastic disks. The model is being re-shaped as we speak and the future is not only digital distribution, but also vinly sales and tangible material true fans can reach out and connect with the artist on some level.   Radiohead is certainly on the right track I think and other bands are following suit. Remember back in the day when a single wa released (think 45’s) and then people bought the LP if they liked the artist or went to his show? I think subsciption models may be valid (imagine RSS feeds from your favorite band) as well as artists who release singles now as oppsed to full length albums (look at what some these Indie bands do on iTunes with the 3 or 4 song EP). Who knows how things will turn out, but one things for certain; 2008 is going to be an interesting year in music!



~ by clickdagger on January 24, 2008.

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