My thoughts on The Editors show…..


Photo by SHITBRAIN……(um, cool name dude) 


As you may remember I went into this thing a little skeptical. Coming off that great 1st album, they might have been due for a sophomore slump. The Editors roll into town with what I thought was a great line-up, turns out Hot Hot Heat should have been 1st and Lousi XIV should have been on before The Editors. Nice work on that one. Nonetheless, I ahve to say these guys absolutely blew me away. This blew the hell out of the Chop Suey show in my opinion. What a tight band, these guys just sounded so “huge” in that room at The Showbox if you know what I mean. I mean that’s a big time band playing in a small venue and these guys are arguably one of the best sounding live bands playing right now. Man did they sound good. My personal hats off to the bass player – Russell Leetch. That was some amazing stuff. I hate to blush, but this was a great show. It’s hard not to like these guys.

I honestly think The Editors will be gigantice someday, and their live show is a testament to that. You can’t fake the passion and Tom Smith is an amazing front man with an amazing talent. Only a handful of West Coast dates left before these guys zip off to Europe for a whirlwind of dates until at least June. I watched some footage of the Vancouver show and I gotta say – our show looked a lot better. Sorry Canada! LOL

I’m calling it right now – The Showbox (at The Market) has got to be the best sounding room in Seattle…plus, where else can you find a venue with a home less guy out front with a sign that reads:

“I will do 25 push-ups for $1 and I will do 25 1 handed push-ups for $2”



~ by clickdagger on February 6, 2008.

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