I put in the hours, so you don’t have to….


These New Puritans – Photo courtesy of turquoise boy

I’ve listened to countless hours of music, talked to the masses, read the reviews, scoured the magazines, and devoured all the blogs I can stand. Hell, I’ve even consulted with some of my “trusted experts” to bring you a super fresh New Music selection to feed your addiction. Most of these are still in my heavy rotation from SXSW and a couple are real “bleeding edge” UK finds (you know how I am):

These New Puritans Beat Pyramid. Say what you want, this is the hottest release in Seattle right now (and also the hardest to find!). It’s ridiculous and I happen to love it.

The Whip X Marks Destination. Manchester Electro-Pop Scene representing. Just say you heard them here first….

The Kills Midnight Boom. My most anticipated release of the year and with good reason. This Kills…..literally. No really, it’s good.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? – Well, with a name like that it should, but don’t make that stop you from checking these guys out. Their new album is out next month and is going to blow people away.

Cut Copy In Ghost Colors – I read multiple reports about how these guys had some of the best sets at SXSW. Their new album just came out and these kids are from Australia. This sounds like an electronic Spring.

The Teenagers Reality Check. Crazy new French band – just go ahead and start nodding your head to this one. Loud infectious sampled beats and keyboard over strange poppy French accented lyrics. Hate the Country, love this band.

Lightspeed Champion Falling Off the Lavender Bridge. What else can I say other than this music is just plain cool. Very easy listening.


~ by clickdagger on March 24, 2008.

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