Electro-pop U.K. goodies… And a notice to my Top 15


I’ve been listening to so much sweet music lately – there’s just too much great stuff out there not to be sharing. It’s much on the UK tip as usual, but check out some of UK’s greatest new bands of the minute…..

This was a really cool “bleeding edge” find  from London – FACTORY FLOOR This will be difficult for some people to get into, but the song “Bipolar” gave me the creeps. Scary potential here…..

I’ve ben listening to this German band for a while now, but THE NOTWIST have a great new album coming out later this Spring (June U.S. release). Check out the sound on this brand new track off their upcoming Album The Devil, You + Me: Good Lies

Of the gooiest pop-variety, check out this Northern UK band – THE TING TINGS

And I’ve been holding onto this one for a while – and this London band definitely wins the award for craziest band name of the year: JOE LEAN AND THE JING JANG JONG – don’t try to understand the sillyness, just listen to it.

OK, now moving onto my Top 15 list. In all honesty, I’ve gotten lazy. I rely on a ton of different resources to pull this stuff together that sometimes I don’t give credit to all the “little people” who make it happen every day. That will change. I’m currently reviewing my list of favorite Blogs/Music resources on the side of my page here and I’m confident I’ll be making some significant changes. Standby for heavy rolls…….

Oh and p.s. there Hipster, if you haven’t gotten KILLS tickets yet, better get cracking….


~ by clickdagger on April 3, 2008.

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