Top 15 Showdown – (insert evil laugh…)

OK, like I said, I’ve been reviewing what I’m going to do here with my Top 15. I’ve got a million ideas running thru my head, but half the energy to do most of them. I look at a lot of sites, and have a lot of different ways I discover music, but here are a few of my favorites – more changes in the coming days:


And p.s. – sorry to those I’ve dropped off the list! It’s been a good ride!


Marathonpacks – still solid. Great content without all the “fuss”


Gorilla vs. Bear – Almost getting too “commercially” for me, but still a great place for discovery. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Stereogum – Love the new site design.


Muzzle of Bees – One of my Favorites for a while…



Deleted due to lack of “freshness”:

Fluxblog (*yawn)

Aquarium Drunkard (HATE the new site design…)

You Ain’t no Picasso (You ain’t ought to be messing with a good thing….)


P.S. The changes have already been made to the sidebar, so it’s really like the top 13 now or something…. 


~ by clickdagger on April 14, 2008.

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