Pitchfork…..you’ve been served – FOALS rule!

Not only has the whole Pitchfork effect been kind of bugging me for quite some time – I finally realized something else today. People look to these guys as an Indie HQ of sorts, and somewhat of the gold standard when it comes to finding the latest Band of the minute. I still completely disagree with putting an actual measurable “score” out there as a guide of what you should listen to. It’s kind of “elitist” wouldn’t you say? I’d rather read a hundred listener reviews than someones individual opinion I don’t know or don’t trust. The great thing about Music though is that it’s so subjective. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and what I like may or may not appeal to the next person and vice versa. There can’t really be a right or wrong in Music if you really think about it.

So here’s why Pitchfork needs to be served. Today, I ask a buddy of mine if he’s heard the new FOALS album (Antidotes). He had not. So then I notice the 1st thing he does is pull up the Pitchfork web site and looks at the rating: Do you know what they scored this amazing new album? A 5.9

Now does that sound like an album you wold want to listen to? Probably not. Would you even bother to read the review if you noticed the score was that low? Most people probably wouldn’t. So this brings me to my point – I know it’s my own individual palette so I’m kind of fighting against my own argument here – but I find this album amazing and I am simply stunned by the low score. I have this CD in heavy rotation right now and don’t let it out of my sight for long – take that for what it’s worth (probably not a whole hell of a lot). Once I see their live show later this month – I’ll know the truth. 

I’m just glad I didn’t judge this book by it’s cover (even though I kinda like that too….)



~ by clickdagger on May 1, 2008.

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