A minor update, prior to a larger big ass update later……

I’ve been bad lately with updating my pages – my excuse is I’ve had a ton of other stuff going on lately. I’ve been re-joined with an old partner of mine on a music venture of sorts that’s been eating up a lot of my “writing” free time and I’ve been long overdue for a post here. I’ll post more if and when it all actually happens, but it’s an exciting opportunity and hopefully we can make something great.

Anyway, on to the Music! Since my last post (somewhere around 1998) I’ve seen some great shows of all varieties. It started with French Electro Pop band The Teenagers, Australia’s Cut Copy and ending with the UK power duo – The Kills. I’m kinda skipping on Swervedriver tonight (although, damn…..) but I’ll make up for it by seeing The Foals on Friday night. Sasquatch was this past weekend (yawn…), as was the Folklife Festival (yawn…)and a bunch of other gun-toting events in town. The other bands were memorable, but nobody brought it like The Kills. I didn’t realize Alison Mosshart was quite this hot; so let’s just say this was total confirmation. Unbelievable stage chemistry between her and band mate Jamie Hince. Check out this clip: HERE  – What I always tell people about great bands is that you can’t fake passion and these two have probably lost more than most bands will ever have. I’m glad their live show lived p to the expectations I was putting on them. So far, my favorite show of the year.

More about Festivals later, for now…….Sleep. 


~ by clickdagger on May 27, 2008.

One Response to “A minor update, prior to a larger big ass update later……”

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the “larger big ass update” D&D touched on earlier when we were in KC. Keep in touch – Sis

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