KEXP, Summer Concerts, and the Future of Radio

I’m amazed at what can happen in a single month. I look up, and it’s been over a Month since I’ve posted to the Dagger. I promise the wait was worth it!

As many of you know, I’m passionate about Music and Public Radio. That’s why I’m very excited to announce I am officially taking this High Wire act to the National level and will be posting full-time at a place very near and dear to my heart: KEXP 90.3 Seattle. It’s an honor to do it and my first post on their wildly popular Blog (  went off without a hitch. It actually turned out to be a pretty big event for the Station and looked like a fun day in New York! It’s fun working with a bunch of people at KEXP who are passionate about what they do. Of course they picked up on my obsession right away….. Hee Hee

Now that wasn’t the only thing going on. Oh No! I also happen to be doing some consulting/writing for a local company that’s bringing some really exciting new technology to Terrestrial Radio. I’ve also learned a hell of a lot more about the Radio Industry than I ever thought I would in the process. After all this, I’m confident we are heading down the right path though and it will be interesting to see us pull the project off. Very cool stuff – stand by for more on this soon!

So with these new Music comittments, it also offords me the opportunity to check out a few more shows this Summer. I’ll be writing and covering a slew of Summer Events for the Station as well as the Dagger. I plan on doing some live Blogging as well as Twitter updates so you can get instant feedback on the Bands I’m checking out. Want to know where I’ll be this Summer? Check out these local events:

July 12 & 13 – Sub Pop 20 – Marymoor Park

July 25 & 26 – Capitol Hill Block Party

August 9 – KEXP BBQ – South Lake Union Discovery Center

Aug 30 – Sept 1 – Bumbershoot




~ by clickdagger on July 2, 2008.

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