SP20 Observations, and my busy Summer

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of covering the Sub Pop 20 Festival for KEXP. Wow, what a great event. Not only was it a mixture of some very old Sub Pop bands (Eric’s Trip, Green River, Seaweed, Mudhoney) they also mixed in a lot of great new roster bands like the Fleet Foxes, The Foals, and one of my new favorites – No Age. Just to point out an obvious trend for 2008, this seems to be the year for killer 2-person bands of all different varieties. SP20 had a couple really good ones – No Age, and Helio Sequence. I’d say without a doubt 2 of the stronger performances of the weekend in a sea of talent. More bands with 2 people that ring a bell? The Kills and The Ting Tings. Hmm, what others?

A busy upcoming week for music. I will be attending the Earlimart show at Chop Suey on Tuesday night (7/22),  the FREE Mudhoney/No Age performance in the KEXP parking lot on Wednesday (7/23), and then it’s Capitol Hill Block Party all weekend with a side of Nine Inch Nails at Key Arena on Saturday night. I hope the weekend is sponsored by an Energy drink again this year because I’m gonna need it (well, and a little Vodka too…).

You may have also noticed I’ve added a TWITTER feed on the right hand side of the page and I’ve started using this quirky little service more and more every day. I still have yet to find a unique way to implement it, but this is a good start I think. I was able to send a lot of updates from SP20 this year and plan to do more with other shows.  You can follow my insanity at CLICKDAGGER

I’ve been listening to a lot of great new music lately too. My next post will be filled with all sorts of fresh goods.


~ by clickdagger on July 21, 2008.

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