My most random Music discoveries and would someone please buy me King Cobra?

I get tossed a lot of Music (some I like, some I don’t), and I discover a whole lot more by just exploring the fringes and asking people. Sometimes it’s a random discovery or a trusted source, and other times it’s just dumb luck. it also helps to know where to look. I probably use all of the above. Music comes to me from so many random sources – half of the fun is the discovery. Once you get in my car 6 CD-changer – I give you the critical listen or I stick with you for a while. It’s a nice place to be really. For now, I have a few of my most random selections from the past 2 weeks:

1. Monotonix at Bumbershoot. Never saw them before now. My last post was about this and I stand by what I said earlier: BEST PUNK SET I’VE SEEN IN 10 YEARS. If nothing else, at least go listen to the 3 songs on their Myspace page. Imagine these same songs played in a 5ft. circle. Just sick.

2. Joshua Morrison at KEXP Music Lounge. Amazing new Acoustic Artist. Got to talk to Josh and hear his story. Gifted singer/songwriter, who also happens to be an active-duty Soldier in the Army. Now click on the link and go listen to Kill Devil Hills (live from the Triple Door).

3. The Bronx. This was dropped to me from a PR gal who happens to know my taste. Great L.A. Band that brings the Rock. Produced by Dave Shiffman (Rage Against The Machine). Playing in Seattle at King Cobra – September 13th (Tickets – HERE). Go listen to “Shitty Future” and get a taste.

4. The Verve. Been checking out the pre-release of the new album “Forth“, and it’s official: nobody does it like the Verve does it. Pleasantly surprised by the resurgence of this wonderfully talented U.K. band.

5. Gameboy206. Random sidewalk, Seattle. These guys actually tracked me down at Bumbershoot and handed me a CD. When they got a whiff of the Press Credentials they wanted my opinion, so I’ve been giving it a listen and plan on giving it to them. Oh you didn’t know I can throw down on some local Hip-hop too? Don’t let my Demographic fool you, I’m an Old “G” from way back, they just didn’t know. In the interest of helping emerging local artists, these boys are about to get some knowledge dispensed.


On a side note, would somebody please buy me King Cobra? No, not Malt Liquor smartasses…


~ by clickdagger on September 9, 2008.

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