New Music and another reason to hate Pitchfork

Pitchfork may have just proved my point for me. They recently gave The Airborne Toxic Event a 1.6 rating on their new self-titled album. Harsh even for their normal Nazi-Regime/Russian- Judge ranking system. I guess that’s supposed to be some sort of “kiss of death” for an Indie band or whatever, but I think it’s a bit harsh after what I heard. Taking it all in stride, the band used the opportunity to write an open-letter to the fine folks at Pitchfork. You can read it HERE. Well played boys, well played…

Love the comments section of that post. Especially the part comparing Pitchfork to the Bush Administration. Wanna see some of his other reviews? Click HERE.

I promised New Music, here’s some stuff on my Radar for a minute:

Glasvegas (Glasgow, Scotland): This band is going to be huge…


The Rumble Strips (London, UK): The latest UK sensation of the minute.


The Girls (Seattle): Cool local band. New album out.


Innerpartysystem (Pennsylvania): Loud band on Island Records I’m checking out in K.C.


The Courteneers (Manchester, UK): Manchester, enough said.


Telepathique (Sao Paulo, Brazil): Experimental dance stuff.


PartMan PartHorse (Seattle): Some friends of mine at KEXP. Silly, but worth a listen.


~ by clickdagger on September 18, 2008.

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