You say Meat is Murder? I say hogwash! My Midwest update

Just got back from a great 2 1/2 week vacation to Kansas City and St. Louis where I had a great time learning more about the people I miss the most: My Family.

Gates BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved being back home for a while and enjoying some of those guilty pleasures I miss most from back home (mostly the BBQ!). What you won’t find out there is any decent coffee. Ha! You will find great stuff though, and the Midwest was a pleasant retreat form the West Coast actually. I had to dodge to avoid a few “liberal” comments I overheard, but all in all people were friendly. It’s the Midwest you know…

Missed out on quite a few concerts during my trip, but I’m back and had a great time doing the Song of the Day @ KEXP while I was away. CMJ is coming up so I’ll be busy covering as much of that as I can. This week I wrote about a great new band Kevin Cole found called Johhny Foreigner. They are a pretty cool band from Birmingham, UK and the song is a nice retreat from most of the other stuff out there. Check them out (HERE). I ike these bands that kind of just throw it right out there.

Officially back on duty now….


~ by clickdagger on October 13, 2008.

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