Fall in the Northwest… perfect time for Deerhunter and Freshkills



What does all this have to do with the giant Japanese Mothra image? Absolutely nothing, I just thought it was badass. Anyway, lot’s of stuff going on this fall, but mostly my big switch to all Mac over the weekend. Gotta tell you after almost 5 days now, I’m pretty damn impressed. Hopefully these are the tools I needed to get some things to the next level. You might say: I’m “turning it to 11“.

So, without further ado; I’ve got a few cool selections I’ve singled out from CMJ and few other new releases. It’s Fall, so there’s lot’s of good music out there. It’s like a bad weather thing; just go with it.

Once again KEXP did their thing broadcasting live in New York from CMJ. I really wish I could have made the trip this year, but I’ve made it a mission to cover something big next year like SXSW/Austin City Limits or CMJ. From New York we covered quite a few bands but a few definitely stood out and should be on your check out list:

The Freshkills – (Brooklyn, NY) A local band who have quite the following and liie a few new fans after their great performance. I immediately went and picked up the CD. Chalk it up to my love for quirky post-punk bands – especially good ones from Brooklyn. A very nice sound, the vocals really set this off. You could still actually dance to this. This is a band that actually named themselves after a NY City landfill. Cool story behind it, you should investigate….

DeerhunterMicrocastle – Let’s just say this just kicks ass. Have been jamming this for a week or so ever since Sonic Boom gave up one of the pre-releases. Not a big deal really, but cool anyway. I am actually really digging this; cool stoner/shoegaze thing going – also a much more rock effort from these guys. Definitely different than some of their previous stuff. Cool 2-Disc thing too. Have to say though, just listen to songs like “Cover Me (slowly)” and tell me these guys aren’t just high on life. Holy shit, really good though and a lot of variety throughout the album.Very infectious – one of my early picks for album of the year for sure. Another Band from Atlanta? What the hell?

All the Saints – (Atlanta, GA) – This is the “other one” from Georgia. More classic stoner/rock/psych stuff that I happen to be loving right now. It is the fall and everything… Mix some Black Sabbath with a steady dose of Prog-Rock or some Nirvana and this is what you get, only these guys do it really well. It’s all about the hooks. “Fire on Corridor X” is a stand out track, that’s a heavy ass song. Listen to it loud. These guys know how to get after it. This is a band you’ll likely hear more about.

And the next European bands you’ll try to hate, but as usual resistance is futile:




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