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It seems I’ve gotten away from the things I wanted this blog to be about in the 1st place. A place of discovery. A jumping point to your own discoveries, or at least a general direction. Finding new music and scouting the next “It” band and “hot” show. I guess an ideal place for me would be as an A&R rep for some great record label or as the talent buyer/scout for Letterman or the Tonight Show. Hell, I’d even take Craig Ferguson at this point. In the meantime, I’m happy to share my taste of the local scene and my opinions of music with you. I’ve been doing this off and on for the past for over 20 years; I wouldn’t lead you down the wrong path. So, with that being said, here’s a few new finds and a couple recommended upcoming shows. Take that 3 Imaginary Girls! HA HA

OK, so now that SXSW and CMJ are both over with, I have the luxury of picking out a few gems. Once again, my focus was on the European talent coming over, and this year was one of the best crops I can remember. Not all of these will make immediate trips to the States, but most are touring:

 GLASVEGAS: Not a NEW find per se, but you can’t ignore the roar of hype these guys are generating. Great new band from Glasgow, so you know how big they can be. You want to hate them, but you can’t. In fact, don’t even try. And here’s where being an insider helps, these guys are playing Chop Suey on January 10th. If these guys blow up like I think they will, this is the equivalent of seeing U2 in your Basement. That show could be bigger than that 1st Editors show at Chop Suey. Buy tickets early.

WHITE LIES: Cool UK band sharing the stage with Glasvegas on a bunch of dates in Europe this year.

THE RIFLES: Another great find from across the pond. Infectious new Pop/Punk from London.

HAUNTS: Interesting New Wave band from London.

DINOSAUR PILE-UP: Real bleeding edge stuff here. UK Rock outfit with a unique sound.

PLURAMON: Hmm. What should I label this? How about German Shoegaze Disco. Pretty dreamy sounding.


~ by clickdagger on November 23, 2008.

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  1. That looks like Luke Pritchard from The Kooks. Guth FTW!

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