Best 9 new U.K. bands you’ve never heard of…

As promised, more new music. 9 more new finds to be exact. As many of you know, I scout a lot of U.K. bands. I’m not even sure how I got into this niche in the 1st place other than I seem to be fairly well plugged into that group and really love the music. I’m also pretty good at discovery too and have a good ear for new music. Whether it’s PR people or label contacts, magazines, or even word of mouth; I’ve always got my finger on the pulse of what’s hot on the UK scene. I usually know right away of it’s something I’ll be into. I think some of it goes all the way back to my childhood: I grew up on a steady dose of the Beatles, The Birds, and the Rolling Stones. My parents had pretty eclectic music tastes, so blame them. It’s a blessing in disguise I guess; I’ve just brought it to a whole new level.

Without work on Friday, I sat down for an amazing morning Latte to discover some new music. Usually it’s an early Saturday morning thing, but I’ve got a nice little routine down now for discovering new music. I go in and sit down with my coffee, plug in the head phones, and go to work looking for new stuff. Despite the noise and craziness around me, I can focus in this environment exceptionally well. It’s a great time for creativity. The Internet sure makes this all look pretty easy, but there are some tricks to the trade and my ear can’t exactly be translated to paper for you. Sometimes I don’t even know why I like something. Maybe just a glimmer in a song, whatever it is I always realize it’s just my own opinion. The greatest thing about music is that there is no right or wrong. Like all forms of art, to each their own. Mostly, I just try to get lost chasing down the fresh bands nobody is talking about yet or the bands that are generating a lot of buzz in the “right”places. You won’t find me looking at the Billboard Top 100, and I hope that’s why you come here.

Here are my 9 latest UK finds (in no particular preference):

1. Tubelord: Kingston UK band. Very unique sound. I’m hearing their name a lot from other musicians.

2. Little Boots: Really European sounding dance/disco. Stuck on Repeat is hot, hot, hot. (and so is she!)


Little Boots

Check out her unique VIDEO

3. The Big Pink: Another new UK Band. I’m not even sure I could label this anything except interesting.

4. Fan Death: UK Dance. Dance I said! I’m not sure why all the disco resurgence going on right now….

5. Moon Unit: Some cool experimental Electronic sounds. Hot vocals. (U.K.)

6. To the Bones: Manchester Rock. Very retro old-school sound.

7. La Roux: Man, I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. Infectious London Synth Pop.

8. Lele[Speaks]: Wow. The next Lady Sovereign. One of London’s hottest new talents.



”]Lele [Speaks]Check out her disturbing video HERE.


9. The New Sins: Hot new London Pop. I’m undecided on it.


~ by clickdagger on November 30, 2008.

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