Why White Lies will be absolutely huge




White Lies @ Underage Christmas

White Lies @ Underage Christmas

Despite their excellent delivery on the title track “To Lose Your Life” (which I happen to love); I was skeptical of WHITE LIES. I first wrote about them months ago, but even I couldn’t foresee the stratospheric heights this London band is reaching so quickly. I mean, just who the hell do these guys think they are? Brit Awards, NME accolades; another prime example of a band exploding before they’ve even had a chance to breath yet (all with a little help from NME of course…). I guess it’s the curse of having a great new album out on a cool U.K Label(Fiction Records) and being the next “it” band of the minute. For once, all the hype might actually be deserving. One thing I know for sure is that the other Bands playing on this big NME Awards Tour better watch out, they’ll probably end up opening for these guys in the near future. I’d have to see their live show up close to know for sure, but their sound is pretty easy to fall in love with and I’ve read some great reviews of their shows. These guys definitely have the whole Joy Division/New Order thing down to a science, but this is a bit something special and different. White Lies seem to do a lot of things well. I love how right after the amazingly catchy title track, they come at you immediately with “A Place to Hide” – one of those great 5-minute songs that has like every great rock song element possible: Amazing hooks (“I need a place to hide before the storm begins…”), amazing bass riffs, vocals, these guys have it clicking on all cylinders. And that’s just the 1st couple songs, the hits just keep coming and the entire album is really solid. A really great “total album”, when there aren’t a lot of good “albums” being made anymore.


These guys blast threw a slew of SOLD OUT European shows until Mid-March. They’ve got the right vibe, they’ve got the right sound, and their from London. What else do you need really? Let’s hope for a Seattle appearance after SXSW.


~ by clickdagger on January 24, 2009.

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