Across the Pond: 29 New UK Bands ready to take over SXSW

Every year about this time we start getting geared up for the Spring and Summer festivals (i.e. SXSW, Bonnaroo, Coachella) and see the mass import of the years latest new UK “Bands of the moment” crashing our shores. Other than SXSW; New York gets the benefit of a lot of the quick british tours because of it’s geographic proximity (and availability of T.V. Talk Show exposure), but Seattle is also a great testing ground for a lot of bands; pre or post SXSW especially. The hotter the band, the more likely they are to make a few stops on West Coast as well. This is still a proving grounds, but luckily Seattle translates well for a lot of UK Bands and still has a unique mystique to it that makes it attractive for musicians abroad. We love our Foreign bands out here. Just ran into a good friend over the weekend who said “Yeah, I’m always looking for good U.K. Bands” Hmm, I said……

Anyway, as part of my new Across the Pond series; I’ve scoured all sorts of different places to bring you the best of the U.K. acts that are playing at SXSW this year. Some of them I’ve commented on, some not so much. There are 4 bands in particular that will dominate most of the week – at least from the U.K. contingent, and should be a few of the highlights of SXSW. It’s no surprise that 3 of them are from Scotland. My people:


White Lies in Tokyo. That's Japan Bitches....

White Lies in Tokyo. That's Japan Bitches....

White Lies – This band is a band that is straight exploding right now. Those of you paying attention have seen me mention them a few times before. Can’t wait until their Seattle show with Friendly Fires – also from the U.K. They both play at Neumo’s on April 7th

Glasvegas – Glasgow representing in a big way. A late addition but a solid add to SXSW. LOved them here in Seattle, they will be great in Austin. Way to go chaps!  – Catch them at Neumo’s on April 13th.

Dananananaykroyd Another amazing Glasgow band. If the sound translates live, they could easily steal “Best of Show”. I’ve been watching these guys for a while now. Anxious to hear what people think.

The Whip – Electro-Dance-Mania from Manchester. Again, for those of you paying attention, not a new find, but blowing up at the right time… Playing a sweet show at Chop Suey on April 14th. Not from Glasgow…

And because I’m all about helping YOU discover what YOU like, I give you 25 more of the bleeding-edge, greatest of the latest, best of the rest, hot new U.K. acts performing at this years SXSW. I am still sifting thru more on the list, but there’s enough here to keep you busy:

Bearsuit – Another hot Dance/Pop band from Norwich. These guys could be a real sleeper.

The Officers – Hard-tinged Electro-Rock. Listen to “Afraid of Your Love” 1st to get a good sense.

We Have Band – I really like this actually. Really good Pop/Dance from London.

To The Bones – Bringing the Rock, old-school style.

Screaming Tea Party – Some cool sounding surf punk, without the screaming… 

The Blue Aeroplanes – Meh…

Delphic – Very cool. Very very good actually, just took a 2nd listen. Investigate. More please?

Ebony Bones – This is pretty cool, but really different. Take a listen. Jungle dance maybe?

The Egg – Your band better kick ass if it’s named The Egg. They ain’t too shabby. Experimental Electronics.

The Chap – Interesting…

The Gin Riots – Listen to “I didn’t mean it”. Danceable.

In Case of Fire – Look out american teens, these british kids have pretty much caught on. They will eat their U.S. equivalents.   

Late of the Pier – More dance/Pop stuff. Unique. Sensing a trend?

Our Lunar Activities – For the kids. Still good.

The Cocknbullkid – Pop Pop Pop. I like.

Wave Machines – This is really hot, I like this for some reason. Very catchy.

You Me At Six – Back the fuck up Jonas Brothers. We plan on taking assimilating the american teenagers.

Flood Of Red – Screamo Rock. This time Glasgow giving it their go.

Slaves To Gravity – Bringing the Rock. 

Fighting With Wire – More great Rock.

The Hours – Pop/Rock. This is something else I liked. Start by listening to “All in the Jungle”.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – These guys are from Glasgow, also playing John’s event in New York on March 13th at the Bowery Ballroom.


Twin Atantic – Glasgow representing again. Powerpop at it’s guiltiest, just add Scottish accent. Very good actually.

Goldielocks – Dance. Very good.

Baddies – Pop/Punk. Devo-ish.

Enjoy and let me know which ones you like. Should be a little bit for just about anybody!


~ by clickdagger on February 15, 2009.

One Response to “Across the Pond: 29 New UK Bands ready to take over SXSW”

  1. Ah! one notable omission here sir!! Also playing at SXSW:
    Stoney (Sheffield’s best kept secret and now residing temporarily in Austin). Take your pick from the following – but do check out

    bandcamp: – hear full tracks from both albums

    btw- I came across you via twitter

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