15 Bleeding-Edge U.K. Bands and fresh New Music

I’ve been listening to a lot of great music in 2009 already. Yeah the Economy sucks and things couldn’t look bleaker; but new music couldn’t sound better. Can’t we be positive about something? Plus, isn’t all good music made during wars or when other bad shit is going on anyway? If you were having trouble finding new tunes on your own, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully I’ve got something in here for you. I’ve mostly been listening to the British artists going to SXSW and picking out more of my favorites, but also some really good Australian bands and other stuff that’s caught my attention. I’ll share that all here:

I’ve been raving over Bon Iver for a while now, but this is something pretty cool (and related) also from Wisconsin. Take a listen:

The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Clouds (MP3) (props to Said the Gramophone for the link)

Another band I’ve been jamming heavily lately. These are some of those Australian gents I mentioned:

The Temper Trap – Hearts (MP3) Cool new band and a great new song.


Cut Off Your Hands @ Neumo's - My awesome photog PUJA

Cut Off Your Hands @ Neumo's - My awesome photog PUJA

* Above photo is just a mere sample of the awesomeness of: PUJA – Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of her work soon!


A few new U.K. Bands I’ve been taking an early listen to. The NEXT wave of talent (*click on the MYSPACE link to hear samples):

The Chapman Family (MYSPACE)

Friends Electric (Myspace) – Scorching Hot Dance, very good.

Let’s Wrestle (MYSPACE)

Little Comets (MYSPACE)

Elfred and the Uber Peas (MYSPACE)

Animal Kingdom (MYSPACE) – Listen to TIN MAN (demo) – I like this.

Sound of Guns (MYSPACE)

La Roux (MYSPACE) – For those of you not paying attention. Yep, she’s blowing up now.

Decimals (MYSPACE) – This is good, need more please.

Twisted Wheel (MYSPACE) – This is another good find.

The Federals (Myspace)

Theoretical Girl (MYSPACE)

fiN (MYSPACE) – Another one I really like.

Come On Gang (MYSPACE) Poppy and good.

Pictish Trail (MYSPACE) – Folk. Everyone’s doing it now. Listen to Words Fail Me Now for a good sample of their talent.


Some random SONGS OF THE DAY that I was really into lately (please subscribe to these FREE on KEXP) – If you didn’t know already, I write these every Tuesday for the KEXP Blog:

Private Dancer – She’s a Company Man (MP3) Sorta reminded me of Swervedriver…

Late of the Pier – Space & The Woods (MP3)

Japandroids – Young Heart Sparks Fire (MP3)

Threatmantics – Big Man (MP3)


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One Response to “15 Bleeding-Edge U.K. Bands and fresh New Music”

  1. DCW is streaming new album on VolumeOne. Check it out!

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