Check out some new Summer music

I looked up this interesting U.K. Festival over the weekend; (Ben & Jerry’s Sundae on the Common), not sure what grabbed my attention other than the fact that it involved Ice cream and one of my favorite U.K. Bands The Answering Machine. Other bands include:

Red Light Company – London, UK

Camera Obscura – Glasgow, Scotland

Telegraphs – London, UK

*None of which I’m particularly excited about

I thought this was a pretty cool Black Cab Session with London star – VV Brown – Check it out HERE. – Again, the ones who are passionate just can’t hide it!

– I’m also a fan of this one from Fanfarlo (HERE)

Here are some U.K. Bands on the bleeding edge, my new picks of the Spring/Summer crop – give them all a listen:

I’ll start with a few distinctive bands just getting their feet wet:

Love Ends Disaster – London

Action Force – London

Death of London – UK (City of leiCester)

I can always tell bands I really like when I bookmark them twice; when I do that I know I’m really making sure that I’ve got them saved. Here’s that list:

Local Natives – SIlverlake, US

Standard Fare – Sheffield, UK – I really like this actually. Criminal underplay of this…

Three Vicars – Bury St Edmunds, UK – Real garage sounding and good…I’d love to see these guys in Seattle

The XX – London, UK – Very fresh sound from this young band, I picked this up the single “Crystalised” on vinyl and it’s amazing!

Swimming – Nottingham, UK – They’ve got a little hype behind them already, not bad.

Forest Fire – Brooklyn, NY – Different, but good enough to take a listen

I also want to pass some love to a fantastic Music Blog I find myself going back to over and over, the Blog is called Yes, Yes, Yall and it’s probably tipped more on the Electronica, DJ/Hip-Hop, Dance scene; but I find myself going there for inspiration more and more lately. Our palette’s are completely different, but I like his style. This is a guy who know his craft. Check out his fantastic Blog when you get a chance! (HERE)

Without him, we wouldn’t know about Bands like YypahModeratJamie Vexd –  and Dert, just to name a few…

In other news, getting excited for some of the Summer shows like the Capitol Hill Block Party, The KEXP BBQ (FREE at the Mural this year!) and in addition to a bunch of bands I’ve already heard (and can’t discuss!), there will be some big headliners too. That’s the word on the street anyway – I can only begin to imagine who it could be!

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter @  – I’ve enjoyed connecting with people here and introducing them to new music!

Enjoy the Summer! Lot’s more to come


~ by clickdagger on June 7, 2009.

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