Bumbershoot: A few highlights from Day 1

Past Lives @ EMP

All photos by Puja Parakh

Nothing like seeing music outdoors and Saturday couldn’t have turned out any better. Despite getting a slow start we were able to see some great shows. A couple performances really blew us away.

For most of the day, we spent our time inside the KEXP Secret Music Lounge where we saw a couple noteworthy performances: Telekinesis and Os Mutantes. We had seen Telekinesis a few times before and loved their set (we also saw their EMP set), but it was Os Mutantes who absolutely blew us away. They were like a Brazilian version of Parliament – only better. Never something I would seek out on my own, I’m glad I stumbled into this today. Wow!

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes in the Music Lounge

Os Mutantes 2

Os Mutantes 3

Past Lives

– Wasn’t a huge fan of this show at EMP/Sky Church although I’m not sure their music translates well in a live setting. I had heard enough good things about the band to give them a try. We did get some beautiful pictures from their show:

Past Lives 1

Past Lives 2

Past Lives 3

Past Lives 4

Gang Gang Dance

– After writing their intro for KEXP, we unfortunately missed them at the Secret Music Lounge because they got stuck at the border! They finally got thru and we managed to catch them later on the Rockstar stage. They had a female percussionist drumming out tribal beats up front and had a great sound. They would have been fantastic in the lounge.





Uh Huh Her

– Didn’t get a chance to see this band myself, but Puja was on point to capture some amazing shots as the lights went down in the city.

Uh Huh 2

Uh Huh 1

Uh Huh 3



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