Bumbershoot Highlight – Elvis Perkins 9/5/09

Review by Karalee Sargent

We were really happy that the weather held it together for Day 1 of Bumbershoot 2009. Sure it got a little blustery, but the sun breaks and overall dryness made for a pleasant day. But what really got us excited on Day 1 was not one, but two toe-tapping sets by Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

Our first encounter with Elvis and the gang took place at the incredibly intimate secret stage where KEXP was broadcasting live. With an old fashioned slouch hat and ascot, Elvis lead the band in playing their new Doomsday EP (which is set to release October 20) in its entirety. This EP sounds much more gospel than anything Elvis has previously released, with songs like “Weeping Mary” (a Sacred Harp cover) and a sorrowfully slow version of “Doomsday.”

The KEXP set left the audience hungry for more, and luckily Elvis Perkins in Dearland blessed Bumbershoot with a packed performance at the Northwest Court Stage later that evening. While some of the songs were EP repeats for those of us lucky enough to see the set at the secret stage, we got to hear a handful of old favorites like “Chains Chains Chains,” “Shampoo” and “While You Were Sleeping.” Not only were the songs entertaining enough, but the band members were visibly excited to be there. Drummer Nick Kinsey was especially fun to watch when he donned a one-man-band getup and jigged around his bandmates while bashing the bass drum strapped to his chest. There was even a guest appearance by Jonathan Russell from Cold War Kids fame to play bass guitar during “Stop Drop Rock and Roll” off the new EP.

Be sure to catch Elvis Perkins in Dearland next time they are in town, and definitely check out their new EP in October.


~ by clickdagger on September 6, 2009.

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