Bumbershoot: Day 2 Highlights

Sera 1

All photos by Puja Parakh

Review by Jason Kinnard

The morning started out having a few people worried in Seattle. Myself included. I looked outside and all I could see was heavy rain coming down. Needless to say, the day had a few damp spots, but it actually cooperated for the most part. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion we are going to get pelted on the last day?

Like Saturday, we spent some time in the Music Lounge watching some fantastic up-close performances. We all split-up again so we could cover everyone we wanted to see. Karalee was busy taking in a ton of other shows I wasn’t seeing and vice-versa. I started the day at Noon in the KEXP Music Lounge with Common Market. Seattle Hip-Hop is really getting good right now, and this wasn’t the only one we’d attend. The boys come rolling in about 10 minutes till, cool as could be (KEXP staff was visibly a little worried at this point!) and then pulled off a great opening set in the Lounge. The gang from Sera Cahoone was in the back room and said “we have to follow that?”. It was a funny moment and it was interesting to see so many different types of bands intermingling together and having fun. It’s those cool moments and rare glimpses inside that make it all worth it to me. It’s amazing how art and creative things can bring people together.

Sera Cahoone

– This was my first time seeing Sera Cahoone and it was a fantastic set. Just her, and 2 other gentlemen other guitar player and a sit-down steel guitar player was all she needed in a beautifully stripped down set of acoustic folk tunes. They were extremely nice to chat with before the show and they were having a great time.

Sera 3

Sera 2

Sera 4

Black Whales

– Cool local band. 2 drummers. Full big sound inside EMP. I only stayed for a few songs but it made me want to hear more.

Black 1

Black 2

Black 3

Vivian Girls

– A lot of people weren’t into this, but I loved it. I wrote the intro for KEXP and was excited to hear them play. 3-piece band from Brooklyn who play their own fun girl version of lo-fi fuzzed out garage pop. Say what you will, I loved it.

vivian 2

Vivian 1

Vivian 3

Vivian 5

Vivian 4

Dyme Def

– Kinda stumbled into this one and it was one of my favorites of the day. Saw Grynch chillin in the crowd. Everyone was hyped for this show. Many hands were in the air. Waving. Like they just…. (ok you get the idea) P.S. I want one of those T-shirts.

Dyme 1

Dyme 2

Dyme 3

Dyme 4

Dyme 5

Holy Fuck

– Holy Fuck is right. Wow! Live experimental electronics cranked up a notch. At one point the guy was playing music out of an actual old-school film editing machine complete with tape spilling all over the floor. Loud and fantastic. Best set of the day for me.

Fuck 1

Fuck 2

Fuck 3

Fuck 4

Fuck 5

No Age

– Another cool set at the Rockstar Energy stage from a Sub Pop band I happen to love. 2-piece set-up with a flair for post punk greatness. Last time I saw this band play was in the KEXP parking lot. The kids love them some No Age. Oh, and we totally saw that guy from Entourage watching the show and smooching on some girl (not Paris Hilton).

No Age 1

No Age 2

No Age 3

No Age - Entourage

Helio Sequence

– Last band of the day for me, what a perfect way to end the evening. I’ve seen this band countless times and they sound just as good as before. Oh, and I’ve now officially re-named the Broad Street Stage to the “Broad Leaf” stage. Get it?

Helio 1

Helio 2

Helio 3

Helio - Night Needle


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