Bumbershoot 2009 Wrap-up: The Click & Dagger Awards

Categories provided by the Click & Dagger crew/photos by Puja Parakh

Well, Bumbershoot is done and gone and we’ve got some great memories of the festival. We’ve read some awesome reviews, seen some amazing pictures, and met some fantastic new people over the weekend.  In years past, I’ve always worked Bumbershoot for KEXP; however, this was my first year finally covering the festival entirely under the Click & Dagger umbrella (except for all those Music Lounge intros for the KEXP Blog!). I truly felt honored to be amongst the best writers and photogs in the city. It was also the first time I’ve been able to include others in the fun, working with world class photographer (and Viper Squad member: Puja Parakh and our fantastic new writer: Karalee Sargent. Click & Dagger is at it’s best when we’re mixing killer photography with fun content, and I couldn’t have done it without them (scroll down to see our previous days coverage). I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!

In an effort to start our own unique tradition, we’ve compiled our own “Best of” list from the festival. We call them the Dagger Awards:

Best band to photograph: Champagne Champagne. Runner-up: Dyme Def. Yeah, we’re down with the Hip-Hop crowd.


Dyme 2

Biggest disappointment: Past Lives – Sorry guys, we really tried.

Past Lives 1

Best Celeb Sightings: Leisha Hailey (from the L word). Runner up: Adrian Grenier (from Entourage)

No Age - Entourage

Best girl Tattoo’s: Vivian Girls – We saw an Ice Cream Sunday and a full-size fork. We would like to investigate further.

Vivian 4

Best Stage to smoke a doobie: Broad Street (aka Broad Leaf). No complaining here.

Worst place to grab a sandwich side-stage: Broad Street. Funniest inside story of the festival. “That Guy” damn near black-listed the entire press crew, but we took care of business. We all laughed about it later and everything was cool just in time for METRIC.

Best drummer: Michael Benjamin from Telekinesis. Oh, and did you know he sings too?

Best “secret” Stage: KEXP Music Lounge. 3 years running. This wasn’t even close – I could have (and almost did) stayed in here for the entire weekend.


Best Venue: EMP – We don’t know why more shows aren’t held here. The visuals, the sound. Also, hands-down the best crew at Bumbershoot. We had no hassles getting around here and greatly appreciate the awesome access. We may owe you a couple of Rainier’s…

Black 2

Shittiest Venue: Rockstar Stage (aka Exhibition  Hall) – every damn year. Luckily, the crew running the backstage was top-notch. Unfortunately, they can’t make up for the crappy sound and horrible lighting.


Worst pace to catch a show: Samsung Main Stage. You need to go WAY WAY bigger for next year (40th Anniversary!)

Most dangerous thing we saw: A kid about break his damn neck on that stupid rotating teeter totter next to the Half-Pipe. Scary.

Best Sets of the weekend: Os Mutantes, Holy Fuck, Metric – This is all open for interpretation of course, but these were a few of the highlights. We also loved every Hip-Hop set we saw (Dyme Def, Champagne Champagne). I know we’re missing someone here: Elvis Perkins?

Chicks that rocked: The Kindness Kind, Vivian Girls, Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and especially METRIC

Weirdest instrument: Film Editing machine – Holy Fuck.

Fuck 4

Best green room free stuff: Greek Gods Yogurt and Pops Chips.

That’s all for now. Click & Dagger is officially back on the streets ready for the busy Fall Concert season. Enjoy a few final pictures from Day 3 of  Bumbershoot:


Akron 1

Akron 2

Akron 4


Champ 1

Champ 2

Champ 3

Champ 4

Champ 5

Champ 6


~ by clickdagger on September 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bumbershoot 2009 Wrap-up: The Click & Dagger Awards”

  1. I don’t know why I’m just seeing this, but this post is rad! Thanks for the mention. 🙂 It was nice to meet you too!

  2. i’m glad you liked the popchips! please let me know if i can drop you off some samples so you can taste the whole line-up!

  3. […] had some great memories from last year’s Bumbershoot when we saw Emily Haines & Co give a couple of the best performances of the festival. One of those was a very intimate performance at the KEXP – Secret Music Lounge. It’s […]

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