Across the Pond: 7 new UK bands you need to hear!


Minnaars photo by David W Clarke

We scour all the UK forums, sift thru countless Emails, flip thru tons of press kits, Myspace pages, Youtube videos, and random mp3’s so you don’t have to. Here are 7 new bands from “Across the Pond” that are generating some buzz:

Minnaars: Kinda remind me of the Klaxons or the Foals. Lot’s of Hype is to be expected (and they sound good)

Frontiers: This is pretty hot, I definitely approve. The new sound of Nottingham.

Lovvers: Sweet Garage sounding Pop/Punk, they’ll be playing in Seattle @ The Comet on 11/20

Plugs: Definitely a unique sound, this is bleeding edge stuff. Not sure what attracted me to this one. Watch this VIDEO.

A Plastic Rose: Cool new band from Ireland. The boys are a little Emo but they’re not bad.

Bear Driver: A smooth sounding Indie-Pop quartet from Leeds.

Delorean: The band, not the car. Cool band (technically, from Spain). Listen to the song “DELI”.


~ by clickdagger on September 24, 2009.

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