Live Review: Kid Sister in Seattle @ Neumo’s 10/20 (1st show of the tour!)

Kid Sister 05 - VS

Review by Jason Kinnard | Photos by Alex Crick

Tuesday was an interesting night in Seattle. Like most nights in this city, you can check out a good band just about every night of the week, and Tuesday was one of those nights. Having given up on trying to communicate with anyone from the Ben Folds camp, we set our sights on an early week Hip-Hop show at Neumo’s. It’s always nice to have a back-up plan and this seemed like a pretty good one. In fact, there was actually a fair amount of buzz around town for Kid Sister; the show definitely peaked our interest after a few listens. I’m also a sucker for a big show or the “next best thing” and this had all those elements. We had the Viper Squad there to photograph all the action.

Tuesday night arrives. Press contacts went well for us and by the look of things the guest list was a mile long for the show. It seemed like everyone was on there! You know there could be a problem when “JESUS +12” is on the list. Luckily, things went off without a hitch and we even had time to grab a few drinks at Moe Bar. It was definitely a different looking set of patrons than what I’m used to seeing at Neumo’s but it just helped add to the intrigue for me. We discussed this at the bar over a couple beverages and then attempted to put it all on the Three Imaginary Girls tab. No luck. It was then that we came to the conclusion we generally don’t like DJ opening acts. They’re always a crap shoot. I still remember a horrid evening at the Pyramid Snowcap event a couple years ago with Citizen Cope where he had a DJ playing for HOURS before he came on. God that was painful. From then on, I’ve been leery.

Luckily, opening act Flosstradamus was nothing like that. They started off a bit slow but ended with a bang, playing all sorts of old school hits and getting the crowd ready for Kid Sister. There was the requisite ass being backed up and plenty of references to big butts, but it ran a little long for my liking. Overall though, I was happy with what I heard. DJ’s J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) were a cool tandem and actually part of the Kid Sister act. This was going to be an easy transition when she was ready to hit the stage. They ended their set with the obligatory “My Posse’s on Broadway” before it was time to raise our hands and make some noise. It was Kid Sister time…

Enter 2 black & silver  spandex dancers and you know some shit is about to go down. I see Kid Sister creeping up the backstage steps right before she jumps onto the stage and blows things up. The crowd went nuts.

Kid Sister 03 - VS

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for this sort of thing too. Not only was Kid Sister’s energy and attitude infectious, but her music was a lot more fun than I thought it would be too. I expected more rap than dance but got a healthy dose of both. It was the smile on her face though that told me everything I needed to know about Kid Sister’s music, this girl has passion. It was also great to see the way she interacted with the audience – and they ate it up. Hell, we were all smiling and dancing too! I especially loved how she dealt with the sparkle mask boys. Everyone was having a good time.

Kid Sister 01 - VS

Kid Sister 02 - VS

Kid Sister 04 - VS

Kid Sister played most of the new songs from her upcoming album as well as classics like “Pro Nails” which really got the Neumo’s crowd moving. She ended her brief set to a raucous applause and subsequent encore. What a great way to kick off the tour. For an opening night, this had to feel fantastic. I think Seattle may have just caught another rising star.

Dagger Insider news: The cell phone that Kid Sister took and rapped with before placing down her bra belonged to our very own Viper Squad photog Alex Crick. Hot! We will now begin bidding for his cell phone…


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