Live Review: Holiday Shores @ VeraProject 11/6

*A note from Dagger 1:

*Remember that giant ass rain/thunder storm we had last Friday? We thought, what a perfect time to test out a couple of the new Recruits at a cool local show. Lucky for us, Willie and Dave stepped up to the plate big time (Dagger Guys: 1 Dagger Girls: 0) and were on point to capture all the action. Here’s how the evening went down…


Photos by Dave Lichterman | Review by Willie Matterson

It was a dark and stormy night…

Since Mercer Street was hard to cross without reefing the mainsail, it didn’t surprise me that the crowd was thin at the Vera Project.  And a shame that it was.  The bands – Universal Studios Florida and Holiday Shores – didn’t seem to notice (The Evangelicals canceled due to family issues).  And I had forgotten just how good the Vera Project can sound.  This place is ably run by, and for, young artists.

Universal Studios Florida laid down three ambient songs reminiscent of the melodic side of Moby.  The crowd started swaying as New Cub, their last song, started with a danceable beat.  Regrettably it faded back into a trance groove.  Bring more of that next time, Jason and Kyle. Keep an eye out for these busy guys.  They’re honing their craft, working on remixes, and carrying class loads at the UW.




Full Universal Studios Florida setlist:

* Elm Skeye
* Sun Glyphed Commanche Kissed
* Greywolf
* New Cub

Holiday Shores brought their bright playful sound from central Florida.  They bundled up – honestly, it doesn’t normally rain like this in Seattle – in sweaters, hoodies, and corduroys then flew into a modest handful of songs from their latest album Columbus’d the Whim released on twosyllable records. These guys are fresh from wowing crowds at CMJ – their instruments showing wear from long stretches on the road. Nathan Pemberton and his crew bounced and played with full energy; though they could have been trying to get warm.  I was expecting more lo-fi noise and reverb similar to their album, but they played with a cleaner rawer sound.



The Vera Project crowd seemed to really enjoy that plan of attack. Bradley Bear, Phones Don’t Fued, and Errand of the Tongue seemed to get the most crowd response.  The calypso/southern sound was so infectious that I wasn’t ready to go back out into the cold dark stormy night.



Full Holiday Shores setlist:
* Days Drag
* Reruns
* Bradley Bear
* Experiencer
* Phones Don’t Feud
* Errand of Tongue
* Edge of Our Lives (dedicated to basketball)

A big thanks to my partner-in-crime and “THAT guy” David Lichterman for also fighting the elements and taking some awesome shots of both acts. Check out the full set HERE.


~ by clickdagger on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Live Review: Holiday Shores @ VeraProject 11/6”

  1. great show.. wish the pictures were a little better. somewhat reminiscent of a 13 year old girl’s xanga profile picture.

  2. Yeah, I wish the photos came out better too. The Vera has awful lighting: heavy blue LEDs. Is there something in particular you didn’t like about the photos? I’d prefer constructive criticism if you have it.

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