Click & Dagger in Chicago: The Blakes/Team Band @ Schuba’s 11/28


Review by Tim Bauer/Photos by Emily Ann Garcia

Last night, The Blakes from Seattle came to Chicago’s best venue, Schubas, to support their fifth album, Souvenir. This trio is led by brothers, Snow and Garnet Keim, along with drummer Bob Husak.  They have been self releasing albums and EPs since 2001 except for in 2007 when a local label rereleased their second self titled album. The crowd for the night seemed to be openly split between fans excited for The Blakes return to Chicago as well as those that were there to support local Chicago group, Team Band.

Team Band

As soon as Team Band started off the show, it was apparent from their appearance and sound that they were fond of 90’s rock. This was confirmed before their second song when they began talking about how great the 90’s were and asked the audience if anyone had seen the Pixies last week. While more so an 80’s band, the Pixies helped create the 90’s rock sound that very much influenced Team Band. Their set made me feel nostalgic for the local hall and basement shows I went to in high school where the bands weren’t necessarily good, but they were fun, and didn’t take themselves seriously.  However, Team Band was good. Each song sounded pretty similar with vocals that were more so talking than singing and shout along choruses, but this didn’t detract from the show. In between songs the singer and guitarist humored the audience with banter such as “Our drummer was so drunk on Wednesday, he passed out in the shower” and complaining that the tamale guy doesn’t give out enough napkins which wouldn’t have happened in the 90’s. As the set progressed the band got a little drunker and sloppier. This was largely due to them telling the audience that they are not opposed to free shots, the crowd came through and they were treated to three rounds of shots.

The Blakes


The Blakes set got off to a sluggish start. The first three songs felt lethargic and were met with mild enthusiasm from the audience.  However on the fourth song, Basket, The Blakes picked things up and a majority of the audience started dancing along. The Blakes, just like Team Band, do not seem to be pushing rock music in a new direction. Many of their songs instantly remind you of another band or era of music, from The Rolling Stones to Motown to more recent bands like Little Brazil and Kings of Leon. However this did not detract from their music, which was usually upbeat and catchy. Their bassist, Snow Keim, broke his A string during their sixth song, Tommy, and he impressively played the rest of the set with just three strings. Despite this, the bass sounded great and often was enjoyably above the guitar in the mix. After a twelve song set, The Blakes returned for an encore that was cut short after the third song due to issues with the bass guitar. This caused an anticlimactic end to the evening but The Blakes definitely satisfied their fans looking for a fun night of dancing to rock and roll tunes.



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One Response to “Click & Dagger in Chicago: The Blakes/Team Band @ Schuba’s 11/28”

  1. I think we got 4 shots. But it’s hard to keep track.

    Thanks for the kind words!

    team band

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