Photo review: Japandroids/Surfer Blood/World’s Greatest Ghosts @ Chop Suey 12/2


photos and commentary by Brittney Bush Bollay

* Deadly Viper Photog Brittney Bush Bollay (aka Cottonmouth) spent the evening with one of our favorite bands: Japandroids – It seems like just the other day we were all underneath the Space Needle singing along. Where the hell did our Summer go?


Tuesday night I got tipsy enough to tell Japandroids the truth. “I think you guys are my muse,” I confessed after a couple of whiskey sours. “Several of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken have been of you.” It was hard to tell if the look I got in response meant “Wow, that’s awesome” or “God, you’re creepy,” but either way the ever polite drummer David Prowse managed to choke out a thank you.  

The thing is, though, that Japandroids could inspire any photographer. Prowse and guitarist Brian King are rockstars, and they know it. Their live show is dramatic and full of energy, with King screaming and shouting and climbing on the drumset, a fan blowing his curly hair around dramatically. Prowse’s instrument of choice leaves him more stationary, but his constant beat pounding and shared vocal duties leave him in a sweat as well. Their dynamism is irresistible — and photogenic.

“P.S. – A note about Surfer Blood: I’ve had one of their songs in my head for three days now, and their album isn’t even out yet for me to listen to it. HEY GUYS, PUT YOUR ALBUM OUT ALREADY!”





~ by clickdagger on December 4, 2009.

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  1. Very nice indeed!

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