Live Review: Fanfarlo @ The Crocodile 2/24

Review by Willie Matthewson | Photos by Alex Crick

Let There Be Glockenspiel

Sure signs that Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest: minor cold bugs, jackets for style not comfort, and increasing instances of freshness. Tonight The Crocodile and Monqui Presents challenged Puxetawny Phil by hosting Brit-folk/pop band Fanfarlo’s return to Seattle.

After reading Fanfarlo’s European tour diary, I was expecting to see road-rashed musicians anxious just to get on to their next gig.  Instead the bright-eyed London-based band lead a frolicking good time.  Singers Simon Balthazar and Cathy Lucas harmonized while Leon Beckenham shifted from trumpet to keyboards and even the occasional melodica.

Evidently these guys had spent the time on the road honing their talents. Becoming skilled at feeding off of each other’s energy.  Timing their cues.  This tight group artfully transitions from traditional instruments and roles to add musical voices into the mix.

The crowd enjoyed this fresh sound.  Swaying and pushing to the front of the room to get a better view.  Wearing light leather, the audience sensed a vernal equinox coming on.


Drowning Men
I’m a Pilot
Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time (free single on their website)
We Live By The Lake
Finish Line
The Walls Are Coming Down
Luna (encore)


~ by clickdagger on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Live Review: Fanfarlo @ The Crocodile 2/24”

  1. I just listened to Fanfarlo’s single since I have never heard of them until I read your review. I liked their music. Thanks, Willie, for your review!

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