Live Review: Phantogram/The Antlers @Neumos 5/5

Review by Jason Kinnard | Photos by Brittney Bush Bollay – view the entire set [HERE]

We’ve been to a few Neumos shows over the years. So many in fact, you could almost call the place our living room at this point…. Last week we had the pleasure of standing in one of the longest lines of the year for the much anticipated Phantogram/Antlers show. While we’ve been fans of  The Antlers for a while now, this was our first time seeing opening band Phantogram outside of their amazing Cutting Room performance recorded for KEXP at the end of last year (HERE). Normally, Seattle is a town that blows off opening bands, but this bill was about to flip that theory around. I’m not sure if there was a problem at the door, but I’ve never seen a line that long at Neumos before (p.s. can we please move the guest list?)


Local label Barsuk has done a bang-up job promoting Phantogram locally; you will usually never see a room in Seattle that crammed for an opening act. If it’s any correlation, their CD has also been running near constant in one of my coveted car disc-changer spots. So, after some minor lubrication, we finally managed to get inside to watch Phantogram already going thru their paces – including an abrupt ending to their hit song and Seattle favorite – Mouthful of Diamonds. While I didn’t expect them to have the same polish as the headlining Antlers, they did live up to the hype for the most part – lacing the standard studio tracks with minor tweaks for their live show; the room at Neumos making their music come to life. Pre-programmed tracks on a live show can always be problematic (i.e. The Kills) but I thought they handled it pretty well…

P.S. If Sara Barthel isn’t one the hottest women in music right now, we don’t know who is!

Next up were headliners – The Antlers. The discussion I had prior to the show was that I wondered how many people I thought would leave after Phantogram?


We loved the liberal use of live plants during their performance….

Forget about 2 minute long pop songs, The Antlers know how to build momentum and create dramatic performances with songs that build and then just keep going. It was an interesting mix of sounds and textures, much more dramatic than opening band Phantogram. Despite probably a 1/3 of the crowd leaving after the opening act (shame on you Seattle!) The Antlers put on one hell of a show for the remaining fans. The mixture of soft and loud was expertly done, and the dynamic vocals of frontman Peter Silberman were definitely on showcase (as were the explosive drums!). From what we could tell, they played the new Hospice album in it’s entirety (how many times has that thing been released?), and we were amazed at how much fuller the band sounded on stage than on their album. We know the youngsters were there to dance, but Phantogram fans who left early missed a hell of a great show.


~ by clickdagger on May 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Live Review: Phantogram/The Antlers @Neumos 5/5”

  1. Thanks. Yeah I was at Sole Repair and saw that line. It sure slowed me down. I thought the billing should have been switched.

  2. I was there, stayed for both and thought the billig shouldve been switched too!
    The antlers couldn’t follow phantogram, and that 1/3 left gradually as the antlers drummer inflicted medieval torture on the audience instead of music.
    Also, Sara is a babe, and Josh looks exactly like Brendan Frasier compliment or diss but they’re both HOT.

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