Live Review: Twilight Sad/Mono @Neumo’s 5/11

Review by Jason Kinnard | Photos by Jason Tang

Twilight Sad & Mono @ Neumo’s Seattle | May 11th

Surprisingly not too packed at Neumo’s for my arrival, I actually expected a good turnout for both of these bands. Based on their performance last time I thought at the very least Twilight Sad would garner another listen from Seattle fans (p.s. We love most things Scottish…) and this was a good chance for me to see them up-close again after what I thought was a decent performance last time in town. With a less than packed floor it was easy to get right up-close and capture all the emotion of this band – and it was definitely on dislay. With a new bass player, and less than ideal vocals (again, he was hard to hear!), they just didn’t have the oomph! of their last performance and it showed in their body language. While I did notice a comeback after a few songs, you could just tell the guys were off and the lead singer wasn’t happy with the sound. Regardless, we captured some amazing photos of the night with the help of newly crowned Deadly Viper Photo Squad member Jason “Sidewinder” Tang. It was great to see him behind the lens.  Here are some of his amazing shots of the ever so moody Twilight Sad:

Next up were Japanese band MONO. Formed in 1999, the band has already released 5 full-length albums and has more than a cult following around the world – this truly was a treat for the Seattle crowd. When you normally think of instrumental bands you might think (BORING…) but MONO are far from that. More like a Japanese My Bloody Valentine with the same amount of volume. Holy Shit! This band was like a small explosion going off inside Neumo’s. They started off slow but they kicked this show up more than a few notches. I love bands who get things started right on the very first song. People who thought the seated guitarists on stage were just going to take it easy were sure surprised. MONO easily turned it up to 11 and we love that sort of thing in Seattle. If you have the rare opportunity to see this fantastic live band – DO IT!


See the full photo slideshow HERE

~ by clickdagger on May 19, 2010.

One Response to “Live Review: Twilight Sad/Mono @Neumo’s 5/11”

  1. Great pix but shame Twilight Sad had an off night – they’re usually well worth the ticket money.

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