Australia set to crash Sasquatch Music Fest!

With the last minute cancellation of Yes GiantessSasquatch Music Festival has announced that yet another Australian Band – Tame Impala are going to fill their spot. Hmm, do we sense a conspiracy here? Tame Impala are definitely a band we’ve mentioned before and they are currently touring with MGMT – so you know they’re pretty damn good. Also at this year’s festival from Townsville Australia is the band Middle East. Much more mellow than Tame Impala, these two bands couldn’t be more different. It says a lot about the diversity of Australia. And of course last but not least, we can’t forget Temper Trap. Also a band we’ve been digging on for a while, their song “Sweet Disposition” is nominated for APRA’s Song of the Year – which is like the Australian equivalent of, well, something really big here stateside.

O.K. Is that only 3? Really? OK, it seemed like a lot more, but considering how damn far Australia is from Washington State, that has to account for something (by the way, it’s 7,744 miles). I could have pointed out the sneaky Canadian presence, but I figured that was just too easy…

P.S. If we get a Main-stage cancellation do you think we can drag Midnight Oil out of retirement?

I’ll leave you with this useful bit of  trivia, maybe it will get you a free beer or something. What do they call a Sasquatch in Australia? a YOWIE

Hey Mate! A little privacy?


~ by clickdagger on May 28, 2010.

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