Capitol Hill Block Party – By the Numbers

The Capitol Hill Block Party is probably my favorite music festival of the Summer. I look forward to this one every year. Filled with great local talent, they do a fantastic job of mixing Seattle bands with big headliners from across the country to create a truly unique urban music experience. There are plenty of opinions online about which bands you should see – but Block Party is all about having fun and discovering new music. We command you to go see a band you’ve never heard before! I’m going back to my roots and covering all 3 days of the festival solo this year – I plan on doing it in true dagger style (aka drunk blogging). Follow our live coverage on twitter @clickdagger or check here for our daily updates from the Block Party.


Here’s a few fun stats about the weekend:

Total Bands: 80+ and 4 Stages

Bands by day: Friday (24+), Saturday (30+), Sunday (27+)

Bands by city: Seattle (50+), Portland (3), California (5) Chicago (2) – this has to make CHBP one of the greenest festivals in the country!

Most represented city (other than Seattle): New York with 8 bands

Band that is traveling the farthest: Villagers – from Dublin, Ireland (That’s 4,530 miles!)

As far as who you should see? There should be a band that fits just about any taste, no matter how picky your friends are. If you like local Hip-Hop, Capitol Hill will be like your church this weekend. It also happens to be the convergence zone for just about every local up-and-coming band in the city. If you’ve lost touch with the local music scene, you can get completely caught up in one wild weekend. Here’s how the stages set-up over the 3 days:


Main Stage: All the big acts on one stage. Huge headliners like The Dead Weather, Yeasayer, MGMT, and Holy Fuck are just a few of the highlights of the weekend. Friday (SOLD OUT) is the day for big headliners on the Main Stage.

Neumo’s Stage: Of course one of my favorite places on the hill to see a show, there are some great choices here for the weekend. There’s great local Hip-Hop to choose from like Champagne Champagne, Fresh Espresso, Victor Shade, Truckasaurus, as well as other original bands like Jaguar Love, Fences, and Head Like a Kite to name a few.

Vera Stage: We’ll call this the up-and-comer stage. A place to see the best of our local talent. This is one of the smaller stages off to the side. I’m excited to see bands like Black Breath, Jaguar Love, Cold Lake, and Ravenna Woods. This is a good stage this year.

Cha Cha Stage: The Cha Cha is bringing the rock this year. Unless you follow this sort of thing closely you may be unfamiliar with most of the acts here, but it should be a good place to discover loud local bands. This is somewhere I plan on doing a little discovery (and drinking) myself.

We’ll give you a more definitive guide in the upcoming days and ways that you can stalk us over the weekend…


~ by clickdagger on July 20, 2010.

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