Capitol Hill Block Party: Your last minute guide to Day 1

I’ve seen some great guides already from friends at Seattle Rock Guy, Matson on Music, Sound on the Sound, KEXP, and EarCandy. I suspect mine’s not going to be too radically different; however, considering I’ll probably drink more than all those other outlets combined (well, @SeattleRockGuy may give me a run for my money…) you should follow my drunk tweets @clickdagger for “festive” CHBP updates. So you’re probably thinking to yourself; boy, I really want to hang out with the elusive Click & Dagger and buy him a bunch of drinks to impair his writing (ha ha yes that was funny); well here’s your chance. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already bought tickets for Friday (Day 1) they are completely SOLD OUT so you’ll have to catch me at the bar on Saturday or Sunday instead (get tickets quick!).

If you were going to hang out at one place tomorrow my guess is that it would have to be be the Main Stage – there’s a reason Friday is way Sold Out. My schedule could change at any time (i.e. if the band is horrible), but as of right now here’s a loose plan for tomorrow. I hope we can share a band and a beer together!

4:00Macklemore (MAIN STAGE) or Police Teeth (NEUMO’S) – Hmm, Hip-Hop or Rock. I  may try to see a little of both, I’ve never seen Police Teeth so that may be who I see more of.

5:00Bear In Heaven (MAIN STAGE) – This is a good band from NY and one I’ve been looking forward to seeing. A little psychedelia to start your day? Another good alternative here would be Fences (NEUMO’S).

5:45The Young Evils (CHA CHA STAGE) – Not one of the louder bands playing this stage but a nice local boy/girl pop combo I want to check out.

6:00Shabazz Palaces (MAIN STAGE) – I feel sorry for you if your band happens to be playing this same time slot. Everyone will have their eyes on the Main Stage. This could be (probably will be) one of those iconic performances from a Seattle star shining bright at just the right time. This is one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Go fucking crazy! And since I’m here, I might as well hang out for….

7:15Yeasayer (MAIN STAGE) – A big band on the Main Stage, the Hill will be in full swing for this one and judging from their recent Neumo’s turnout, I expect people to go nuts. Seattle loves a good NY band.

7:45The Absolute Monarchs – (CHA CHA STAGE) – I want to hear more from these guys. A little discovery time for me here.

8:45Hairvest – (CHA CHA STAGE) – What the Hell, I’ll give this a go. What’s the worse that could happen? I could always see Head Like a Kite if this doesn’t work out.

9:15Holy Fuck (MAIN STAGE) – Had the pleasure of seeing them up close at the KEXP lounge last year at Bumbershoot and they were great. Love the experimental nature of their music, I’ll check these guys out until I go to Ch Cha for some loud stuff…

9:45 Helms Alee (CHA CHA STAGE) – These guys will turn it up to 11 in Cha Cha’s, I like this sort of thing when it’s done well. I’m sure I’ll run into THIS GUY there. Maybe even literally…

10:45MGMT (MAIN STAGE) – The big headliner of the day. I suspect we may finally see the whole city of Seattle dancing for these guys. Should be fun watching them pull it off too.

That’s about 12 bands on Day 1 for me. That’s pretty good for starters. If you happen to see all these bands (and I hope you see as many as you can); you’ve had a pretty great day of music for $23. Hell, that’s a good day of music for $60. I wish you luck out there in the trenches and I hope you discover your next favorite band. Most importantly, just have fun!

It’s called a PARTY for a reason…


~ by clickdagger on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “Capitol Hill Block Party: Your last minute guide to Day 1”

  1. I’ll be checking out Young Evils too! I’m really liking what I’ve heard!

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