Capitol Hill Block Party: Your last minute guide to Day 3

I had a great time yesterday. Two of my highlights were !!! (Chk Chk Chk) in the small kexp/cafe vita bean room (which again, is like seeing a big band in your living room), and an energetic set by Black Breath on the Vera Stage. @seattlerockguy and I were right up front for all the action. With most of the day fucked with bands moving up, down, and out of the schedule it was hard to keep up with things changing but I saw a bunch of other cool bands too as I sorta rambled from stage to stage yesterday. Stay tuned for my riveting full report after the festival!

Heading out soon? Here’s a quick and dirty guide of who’s playing today. I’m going to try and see as many of the headliners as possible today and split my other time between Neumo’s and Cha Cha most likely. Throw a little bean room in there too. My secret agenda of the day is getting as close as possible to Alison Mosshart.

Last day of the festival. I’ll see you out there in the trenches!

7:45PM – The Dead Weather (Nashville, Tn)
6:15PM – Blue Scholars (Seattle, Wa)
5:00PM – Real Estate (New Jersey)
3:45PM – Mad Rad (Seattle, Wa)
2:45PM – The Maldives (Seattle, Wa)
2:00PM – Harlem (Austin, Tx)

11:45pm – Fresh Espresso (Seattle, Wa)
10:30pm – Victor Shade (Seattle, Wa)
9:15PM – Truckasauras (Seattle, Wa)
8:00pm – Hey Champ (Chicago, Il)
6:45PM – Cynic (L.A.)
5:30PM – Book Of Black Earth (Seattle, Wa)
4:15PM – Villagers (Dublin, Ireland)
3:15PM – Flexions (Seattle, Wa)
2:15PM – Steel Tigers of Death (Seattle, Wa)

7:30PM – Dutchess and the Duke (Seattle, Wa)
6:15PM – Grand Archives (Seattle, Wa)
5:15PM – S (???)
4:15PM – Ravenna Woods (Seattle, Wa)
3:15PM – Pepper Rabbit (Silver Lake, Ca)
2:15PM – Horde and the Harem (Seattle, Wa)

2:45 – Wet Paint DMM (Seattle, Wa)
3:45 – MK speed dial (Seattle, Wa)
4:45 – A Million Years Ago (Seattle, Wa)
5:45 – Constant Lovers (Seattle, Wa)
6:45 – Nazca Lines (Seattle, Wa)
7:45 – Aveo (Seattle, Wa)


~ by clickdagger on July 25, 2010.

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  1. S is from Seattle, WA

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