Seattle’s NEW Summer tradition – The 8th Annual KEXP BBQ

This Saturday, August 14th, will mark the 8th year running for one of my favorite events of the Summer – The KEXP BBQ. Since it’s early beginnings on the back of a flat bed truck in the parking lot, to fancier locations at South Lake Union and now the Mural Amphitheater, the KEXP BBQ has quietly become one Seattle’s new Summer traditions. It’s something almost every KEXP listener and avid music lover in Seattle already knows, but if you have yet to experience a KEXP BBQ, it’s a good time to meet new friends, listen to great music, and maybe discover a band or two you’ve never heard before. The day long event usually highlights some great local bands, a bigger headliner, and usually one or two up-and-comers who turn out to be your next favorite bands. And who can argue with the price? Bring your friends, bring your family, the weather should be amazing. Given the recent Seattle Center proposal by KEXP to renovate the area beneath the Space Needle, it’s also a perfect time to show your support for the station, and see just how fruitful the relationship could be between the Seattle Center and KEXP. Now imagine these free concerts happening all the time! *Please read the entire proposal HERE and get behind this obvious no-brainer.

As usual, the line-up this year is an intentionally eclectic mix of bands with a sound to fit just about anyone’s taste.

Here’s the line-up:

2:00 PM – Victor Shade: This one kinda intrigues me. Common Market’s alter-ego kicking off the KEXP BBQ. This will be a good taste of Seattle Hip-Hop from one it’s most well respected veterans.

2:50 PM – Dinosaur Feathers: Another Tropical/Surf experimentation project from NY. I’ll wait to pass judgement until after I’ve heard them on Saturday. Not exactly my thing…

*4:00 PM – The Joy Formidable: OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m like totally obsessed with this band. What can I say? I love the British music and this London 3-piece is exceptionally good. Ritzy Bryan on vocals, this is a big UK band we are lucky to see. Jump and dance.

5:20 PM – The Lonely Forest: A band that always makes me remember my first home in Anacortes for obvious reasons. This is a great local band to chill the afternoon with and we may even get to hear some songs from their upcoming EP due out next month.

6:30 PM – Suckers: Another NY band on the fringes of pop-experimentation or possible greatness, this will be a first for me. Hard to nail down a genre on these guys but they are touring with Menomena and Yeasayer so that should give you a bit of a hint.

7:40 PM – Quasi: Portland’s Quasi take the headlining spot of the day and for good reason. Remember the good old Touch & Go Records days? I’m sure someone who’s spent their whole life here could tell you more about the significance of this band on the local scene, but let’s just say these guys have been putting out good music longer than most of you have been listening to it. Get hyped.

We should have all the Vipers out shooting the event and I’ll be cruising the Beer Garden and hob-knobbing with the Industry’s Elite while taking in the sounds and sights of the day. Seriously though, I’ll just be hanging with friends so I hope you get a chance to come say Hello! It’s our backyard for the day.


~ by clickdagger on August 12, 2010.

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