Deadly Viper Photo Squad picture contest: Bumbershoot 2010

So, 3 of the photographers from our very own Deadly Viper Photo Squad were on hand over Labor Day weekend to shoot the Bumbershoot Music Festival. Even though each of them was working for different outlets, they took some amazing shots that we wanted to share with you. We’ll be the first to admit, they’ve turned Click & Dagger into certifiable photo snobs (they claim this is a good thing…). As a creative exercise, we asked each of them to provide us with their single best shot of Bumbershoot. I told them I would pick a winner, but maybe I leave that up to the viewing public instead – that seems more fair anyway. Considering each of them probably took thousand of shots over the weekend, I knew this task would be a little more difficult than expected. I also knew their competitive nature would give us some amazing results. Here are the single shots that each of them provided:

I have a personal favorite, which one is yours?

Brittney “Cottonmouth” Bollay (shooting for KEXP): “Generally the photos I like the best are the ones where I decided in my head that I wanted to get a certain shot, and then got it. My absolute “favorite,” though, I picked mostly on instinct, plus a bit of sentimentality – I was really happy in the moment that I took it. I’d never seen Weezer before, and I was excited and the crowd was excited, and I just loved the energy.” Weezer – Main Stage

Alex “Snake Charmer” Crick (shooting for SPIN Magazine): “I found it a pain in the ass coming up with just one. I originally narrowed it down to 26, then down to 18, then down to 3, then finally down to 1. Lisa Dank/EMP Sky Church

Jason “Sidewinder” Tang (shooting for EarCandy): “It was a no-brainer for me.  I wanted a super wide-angle/fisheye shot to showcase the lighting and ambiance inside the EMP Sky Church and I had been experimenting with different angles on Saturday.  Once that kid from School Of Rock stepped to the front of the stage during “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and stuck his mic out into the crowd w/ that giant video wall lit up behind him, I knew that was it.” – School of Rock/EMP Sky Church


~ by clickdagger on September 14, 2010.

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  1. Nice work

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